About Us
The White County Department of Education, located in Sparta, Tennessee is comprised of 8 schools and serves approximately 4,000 students in grades PreK through 12.
The Department of Education is one of the largest employers in the area with over 600 full- and part-time staff members.
The Director of Schools, Mr. Kurt Dronebarger and the system is governed by its Board of Education.
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Mission Statement
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The mission of the White County School District is to help all students become responsible self-directed learners capable of functioning in our society. White County Schools are committed to helping all adults develop the skills necessary to meet the challenges of all working people. This will take place in a safe and secure environment free of violence, drugs, and fear."
Vision Statement
The White County School System envisions that all students will:
        bullet point  Succeed in school
        bullet point  Be responsible, productive, and contributing citizens
        bullet point  Hold high expectations for themselves
        bullet point  Value education 
        bullet point  Leave school with the knowledge to succeed in life
        bullet point  Make responsible career choices
        bullet point  Strive to achieve proficiency and beyond in all curriculum areas and on standardized tests
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The White County School System believes that:
        bullet point  All children can learn.
        bullet point  Every student is special.
        bullet point  Resources should be provided to students to ensure a top quality learning environment.
        bullet point  Education is the responsibility of the schools, parents, and the community.
        bullet point  Parents must become actively involved in the development of their children’s intellectual growth, citizenship skills, and physical and emotional well being. 
        bullet point  Schools must have a safe learning environment.
        bullet point  Accommodations for learning differences must be made. 
        bullet point  Students will strive to reach high expectations.
        bullet point  Schools must have a positive, nurturing environment.
        bullet point  Research-based information will be used to guide decisions that influence student learning.
        bullet point  Communication among all stakeholders is fundamental for providing a quality education to all students.
        bullet point  All policies and procedures should be developed with the primary goal of improving student learning.