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8.16.22 Safety in Our Schools

Posted by Kurt Dronebarger

Dear School Community,

White County Schools takes safety very seriously. This year, we have made a renewed commitment to keeping our district safe from all threats. Thus, we are collaborating regularly with local law enforcement, fire, and first responders to prepare and practice in the event of an actual emergency. Therefore, you may see an increased presence of emergency vehicles from time to time at the schools, but do not be alarmed. These drills are just our way of being proactive and keeping our schools safe. Please note, that in the event of an actual emergency, parents will be notified via the School Messenger system. Therefore, it is imperative that your contact information in the system is current at all times. Please check your Skyward account and contact your child's school if you need any assistance. For safety reasons, we cannot divulge all of our procedures but rest assured, your school district is committed to safety and will communicate clearly if the need arises. Please talk to your child about school safety and let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Thank you all for your part in keeping White County Schools safe.


Kurt Dronebarger

Director of Schools

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