Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center serves students and families by connecting them to systems of support within the schools and the community in order to become healthier, stronger, and more productive.   The FRC is located at the back of the Board of Education (old Findlay) building at 576 Hale Street.

Programs offered

Fuel Program

We are pleased to offer the Fuel Backpack program to students in White County. Fuel is a weekend backpack program that provides students with a variety of non-perishable food items such as fruit cups, granola bars, cereal, canned meals, and juice during the weekend.

The Fuel program is voluntary and is offered at no cost to participants. Children in the program will receive a variety of items in their backpack on Friday afternoons. The privacy of students participating in the program will be protected. Please complete this permission form and return it to your child’s school.

Best Group

Your child has the opportunity to participate in B.E.S.T. (Be Each Others’ Support Team) groups this semester during Encore time at school. B.E.S.T. group is a small group peer support program.

During life we will all face challenges. Some challenges are big and some challenges are small. Part of growing up is learning to handle challenges and change in a helpful way! BEST groups is a place where students will gain some helpful tools for dealing with day to day challenges, while helping fellow classmates as well. There are no more than 7 students per group. The groups meet once per week for 10 weeks. Each week students will participate in games and art activities that will help to build life coping skills and strengthen friendships. The students will be gaining confidence in:

Handling Anger & Frustration  |  Overcoming Worry  |  Making Good Choices  |  Keeping your Eyes on the Prize (Goals)  

Understanding and Overcoming Challenges (Hurdles)  |  Identifying your Strengths & Overcoming Weaknesses

If you would allow your child to be a part of the B.E.S.T. program, please contact the Family Resource Director or your child's school.

Clothing Closet

The White County Schools Family Resource Center is pleased to offer a clothes closet to our students and their families.

Hours of operation:  

Mondays & Tuesdays 1:00-3:00pm

Or by appointment by calling or texting 931-260-9552.

We are located at the back entrance of the Old Findlay building at 576 Hale Street. Enter at the door labeled Family Resource Center.

Food Pantry 

The Family Resource Food Pantry will be open once per month for families of White County Schools students.   

First Semester Dates:

August 25         1:30pm

September 22   1:00pm

October 6          9:30am

November 21    1:00pm

December 14    9:00am

Second Semester Dates:

January 12     1:00pm

February 16    1:30pm

March 22        1:30pm

April 12           1:30pm

May 16           1:00pm

  The FRC is located at the back of the Board of Education building at 576 Hale Street.


The Family Resource Center accepts donations of household items in good condition. These items are used to assist families who are in transition due to homelessness, or families who have lost their homes due to a fire or other unforeseen events. If you have items to donate, please call or text Beverly Dronebarger at 931-260-9552.

Additional Services Offered by the FRC

Refer a Student

Anyone may confidentially refer a White Co. Schools student to benefit from these services and more.


White County Board of Education

Beverly Dronebarger, Family Resource Center Director

931.260-9552  |