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Feeding Program

White Co. Schools Nutrition Procedure

The White County School Nutrition Department will be offering a summer feeding program. All children 18 and under can eat for free.  

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at:

Summer Learning Camps (Findlay and WCMS)

May 28-31, June 3-6, June 10-13, June 17-18, June 20-21

If you would like to receive this service at this location, please contact Tonya Savage or Amy Kincer at or  You cannot go directly to the school, please contact first.

Lunch will also be provided at:

White County Public Library Summer Reading Program

June 6, June 13, June 27, July 11, July 18

at Sparta First United Methodist

lf your child needs breakfast or lunch any day before July 19th, please contact Tonya Savage or Amy Kincer at or


Meal Program

Student Meal Account Program

On registration day or the first day of school, each child will be given an application for the Free/Reduced Price Meal Program to bring home. Parents are strongly urged to complete and return this form regardless of income. In a household where one or more family member(s) are currently receiving SNAP, FDPIR, or TANF benefits, any/all child(ren) in the household will automatically categorically be eligible for free meals. You should receive a letter informing you of your child(ren)'s direct certification eligibility. It will be important to check the certification letter to make sure all children in your household are included and notify School Nutrition at 931.836.2229 if they are not. 

Foster children will be eligible for free meals regardless of the income of the households with whom they reside. Households with foster and non-foster children may choose to include the foster child(ren) as a household member on the same household application that includes their non-foster children. This may help the foster family's non-foster children qualify for free or reduced-price meals based on household size and income. The presence of a foster child in the household does not convey eligibility for free meals in the household in the same manner as SNAP, TANF, and FDPIR participation does.

Only one application should be completed for the entire family. Be sure to list all children, even those at other schools. The school office staff will send the applications to the School Nutrition Office for processing. You will receive a letter informing you of the status at which your child qualifies- free, reduced, or full pay.

If the student wants to receive milk or parts of a meal to eat with lunch they have brought from home, those extra items must be paid with money that is in the child's account.

Each student attending White County Schools has a meal account in the cafeteria software system. The students are assigned a universal PIN number to them. The account will be coded appropriately for children who are full pay, reduced, or free status. This system allows parents to place any amount of money they desire into their child's account. This account can be used to purchase breakfast, lunch, or a-la-carte items. 

Parents are strongly encouraged to keep money in their child's account. 


White County Board of Education

Tonya B. Savage, Supervisor of School Nutrition Program

931.836.2229   |

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